When searching the web, I noticed this: “ Word Nutella Day, Feb 5th… Say Whaaaat?” I could not help it, but I actually ended up saying “Whaaaat?” And than I just had to ask what else is out there? So, I started to search and found an actual website dedicated to Nutella Day and I learned that this year it would be the 5th anniversary, in which the world would celebrate this chocolate hazelnut spread.

I think it’s nice that people have an urge to commemorate things they like. After all, why would we only celebrate our birthdays, name-days, important historical events, or people in general, and not honor things which make are lives better or funnier on an everyday basis?

In my search for celebration of things I like,  I found out that on March 3, World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is celebrated, and the rest of the world has this on April 23. International Theatre Day will be on March 27 in over 100 countries and International Dance Day on April 29.

On the food side, when it comes to my favourites, there is a Cheese Day on October 29.  I could not find a day dedicated to nuts, but I found World Pistachio Day coincidentally happening on the same day as the celebration of chocolate on February 26th.

Interestingly enough rejoicing nutella and chocolate happens in February, and just between those two people around the world buy chocolate and flowers for another holiday, famous Valentine’s Day. We all chocolate lovers can eat chocolate without any gilt for entire month. I have already my supplies for that coming month.  I have to ad some pistachios to my shopping list.

How about you dear reader, do you like chocolate? Do you think people should put their effort to celebrate nutella, chocolate and other foods? Please drop a line in here


On one of my former class forums there was a very intense discussion. When I advised my former classmates that they should relax a bit, someone suggested that it was easy for me to say so due to the fact that I was far away from these events. I contemplated this. Perhaps it was true that the discussed subject was not nearly as frustrating for me as it was for them. However, I found another reason.

In my point of view, politics mostly leads to the same purpose, to get and maintain power. All over the world, politicians try to force their own vision as the only solution. In some countries, people physically fight, in others (the so called democratic), they clash in parliaments or in the media. The same structure exists on the international scene. The one who wins a dispute has the power and therefore, the ability to control any such events. We, as individuals or social groups, try to change this world of politics, but we have failed for generations and continue to do so.

Therefore, I ask if politicians deserve our frustration. Can we break this vicious circle? Can a proper education of new generations to come change this race of power. If we start to improve ourselves, to respect each others point of view, will we finally be able to find a common solution in the smallest conflict or discussion? Could we than affect social behavior? These are a lot of questions and I’m afraid I don’t have clear answers nor does anybody else.

The world is a mystery, society is a mystery, and I am a mystery to myself. “I am a mystery,” this is something that I will try to solve for the rest of my life. The other two I’ll leave for next generation.

My daughter had to read “ The Republic” by Plato for one of her classes. She decided that she needed to read it aloud in order to understand better, I just happened to be in the room. Therefore, at first, I was an unwilling listener, and after a while, a participant. We had a lot of fun together.  Let me tell you that this is one of those books which should be read aloud and in a group.

This experience brought me to the realization that years ago reading together in groups was done fairly often and was quite popular.  Today, besides teachers reading to students in class, parents to small children (till they able to read on their own), and bible study groups, how many people read books together?  People go to the movies, live theatres and concerts with people that they would like to share the experience with. When reading as a group we are able to become more creative with our interpretation of a book. Furthermore, we can become more playful with the way we read it. Than why do we disregard reading together, a time well spent, as quality entertainment?

Of course, not every book can be read with someone, but there is plenty of books that one can choose from. Therefore, I ask you, dear reader, please send me your picks and make sure that you read this with your spouse, family or friends.

I am a huge fan of Paulo Coelho. His most famous books: The  Pilgrimage: A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom” and “The  Alchemist” are full of golden thoughts, so wise that they become a  guiding light to his readers lives.

Recently, I became a fan of his Facebook page. Therefore, my News  Feed page is always filled with wall posts and links to his blog on a  daily basis. I read all of them. One of his recent blogs “2010: Closing  cycles” touched me in a very gloomy way.

Dear reader, at this point, I should apologize for posting that in a time  that should be abundantly full of hope and happiness, a time of  celebration.

In a very clear way,Paulo Coelho tells us that we should let go of all  things from our past, that we should not hold on to anything, just close the door and don’t look back. I know that the majority of us do agree with this and I can’t help but ask: Isn’t our past a huge part of our present and our present a huge part of our future? Can we really forget about what happened? Who we met, loved and hated?

After a while we can probably let go of a bad breakup or a lost job. Those can be replaced. How about the biggest loss in our lives, the death of someone we loved. Throughout our lives we have to deal with the passing away of our grandparents, parents, spouses, and friends. At some point we probably learn how to deal with that loss. Nonetheless, I’m quite convinced that the loss of one’s own child is the biggest fear that one can face. Most parents, if they were given a choice, would give their own life for the life of their child. Can one really put that loss behind them or does one live with that pain for an eternity? I pray everyday that I will never personally experience the answer to this question.

Hello world!

I like to read and watch movies, but who doesn’t? These days, there is a lot of books and movies to choose from, and than there is  internet…

In my blog, I would like to share my thoughts on material that my eyes feast upon. I would like to write my blog in English, to practice and develop language skills and if possible in Polish, to keep my native language alive.  When I did my research about blogging, I learned that it would be possible to translate my blog between both languages. However,  it will take some time to master that. If you are bilingual please try to read it in the original not translated version.